Live scoring on Netball Connect...

From Round 10 (4th June) we will no longer be having paper printed scoresheets for scoring on match days! For the next two weeks we'd love all teams to have a go at scoring on the app, to make sure your are ready check out are top Netball Connect scoring tips:

1. Have the Netball Connect app downloaded on your phone and follow our competition. (See Netball Victoria guidelines for more info)

2. Team Managers must nominate a scorer for each match

3. Scorers will see the scoring screen before the game starts. Use the + and - to add and subtract goals. Please stand with your scorer from the opposite team.

4. At the end of each quarter you can confirm the score. If there is a goal on the siren – or after the netball connect app finishes timing – choose ‘no’ to confirming score, then amend the score.

5. Both the home and away Team Managers can mark team attendance. Attendance can be marked a day in advance of the match using the “Team selection” and selecting players who will be participating on match day. Leave blank those players not in attendance.

6. Add fill-in players using ‘Add a player’. The search function is not working properly so if you can’t find a player to add please write them on the scoresheet or email with the team and player to be added. It is REALLY important that all fill-ins are added to teams.

7. Any questions or problems please find an orange or pink vest. Or you can take a screenshot and email:

To help us improve the app we'd love to hear your feedback, please email: and let us know any questions, problems etc.