No more paper scoresheets...

This week is our first week of live scoring on the app without the paper scoresheets being available! If you have been having trouble with the app please arrive early and come up to the pavilion for help or grab a pink or orange vest.

Here's some key tips to help with common problems we've seen:

  1. Make sure you are logged in and following our competition. For more details on how to do this see here

  2. We have found some people have multiple registrations so if you are logged in but still can't be found email: or come to the pavilion on match day to the admin desk.

  3. Reception has been a problem at Riverside when searching for players or scorers so if possible try and nominate fill-in players and scorers from home earlier in the day or week.

  4. In between the courts in the bucket there is some more information/ guidelines on how to score.

  5. Each team manager can add attendance for their team - home or away. After adding your team hit 'Done' up the top rather than 'confirm' at the bottom, this will still save your selection but will allow the other team to also add players.

  6. Fill-in players MUST be recorded using 'add a player' or email the team and player to

  7. In the case of technical difficulties blank scoresheets are available from the pavilion.