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What is 'EDNA'?

EDNA stands for 'Essendon District Netball Association'.



Why do I have to play at EDNA If I am in the 15’s, 13’s or 11’s (including the Thunderbolts)?

Essendon Thunder is a Representative Program. By playing for us at these ages, you are ‘Representing’ the Association.


For these ages, you are eligible for selection to attend the Netball Victoria Association Championships on behalf of the Association. Under Netball Victoria’s rules, you are required to play a minimum number of games prior to the Association Championships Tournament (May or June) to be allowed to take the court in that years tournament.


What is the Netball Victoria Association Championships?

The Netball Victoria Association Championships provides more than 180 Victorian Associations and Leagues the opportunity to compete in a crucial part of the Netball Victoria pathway, with talent identification (TID) staff working to identify athletes, umpires and coaches at all tournament days.


If a player is identified through TID, they are invited to participate in trials for the Netball Victoria Talent Academy.


To read more bout the Talent Identification Pathway, go here.


When and Where do you train?

11’s train on Sunday afternoon between 3:45pm - 5pm.


13’s and 15’s all train on Sunday afternoon between 5pm - 6:30pm. (13's. finish at either 6pm or 6:15pm)


17’s and Opens train on Sunday evenings between 6:30pm and 8pm.


Our training location is the Riverside Netball Courts, Ascot Vale


What do you provide outside of my club that I play for on Saturday’s?

As a Representative Program, Essendon Thunder is considered the ‘next step up’ from club level netball. Players will be with other like-minded and skilled players to improve and further their netball. Our coaches can provide specialist coaching and it is a more competitive environment.


Here is a link to Netball Victoria’s Athlete pathway. In the bottom section, the third circle from the left is ‘Association, league & representative teams’. This is where Essendon Thunder sits, and is an important pathway to Netball Victoria’s Talent Academy, and up to the Victorian Netball League.


Am I allowed to play for another club outside of EDNA and Thunder?

Yes. We are happy for players to continue playing with different teams and exploring their love for netball. However, it is important to note that if you play at Parkville for another club, you cannot play in the same competition (i.e. on the same day at Parkville) that you play for with Thunder. These are Parkville’s by-laws.


For example, if you play in the 15 & Under competition for Thunder on a Thursday evening, you cannot play for a second team on Thursday eveings at Parkville. You could however, play in Parkville’s 13 & Under, 15 & Under or 17 & Under Competition on a Saturday for another club (provided you meet the age requirements).


Also note that we sometimes provide our 15 & Under players the opportunity to play in the Tuesday 17 & Under or Open Premier teams on occasion. This is if we need fill ins or see some potential in the players’ development that we would like to explore. If you play with a different team on that night, due to Parkville’s by-laws, we wouldn’t be able to offer that opportunity, even as a ‘once-off’.


Where can I find more information?

The links on this website under 'Essendon Thunder' have most of the information, with further information about competition and training located here


Our Thunder Rep Handbook also provides detailed information about the program and expectations.


If you have any queries or would like further information, please email, or contact us via our Facebook Page

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