Selection and Eligibility

Trials and eligibility for the Thunder Program, in the last 2 years has been impacted by Covid-19 issues. For 2023, we hope to move back to our 'normal' cycle of selections and eligibility,

Thunder players turning 13 and older in the following year, are selected during trials, typically held in October over two Sunday half-day sessions. 


Trial information will be made available in the month prior to the trials. Selection trials are conducted with independence and objectivity.

Eligibility requirements are outlined below.


Junior Program (15 & Under and Top Age 13 & Under)

ASSOCIATION ELIGIBILITY: Players must be registered members of an Essendon District Netball Association ('EDNA') club and meeting the finals qualification according to EDNA by-laws This typically involves playing, in the year of trial, at least 5 games for an EDNA club in the 'Winter' Season (March-August)



at least 3 games for an EDNA club in the 'Spring' Season (September-December).


AGE ELIGIBILITY: Players becoming aged 13-15 years in the following year. I.e. to trial for the 2023 program, the player must be turning 13, 14 or 15 years of age in the 2023 calendar year.


If selected to a Thunder Junior Program, players must retain their ASSOCIATION ELIGIBILITY during the 'Winter' season of involvement. I.e. if a player trials in 2022 and is selected for the 2023 program, they must retain the ASSOCIATION ELIGIBILITY during the 2023 Winter EDNA season.


Open Program

All players are eligible to apply to trial provided they meet the age by-law requirements of the Parkville Netball Competition for the year of the competition they are trialling for. Players are not required to play at Essendon District Netball Association to be eligible.

17 & Under Players MUST play in the Tuesday evening Parkville Netball Competition for Essendon Thunder to be eligible to attend Association Championships, as per Netball Victoria requirements.


Thunderbolts Program (11 & Under and Bottom Age 13 & Under)

Trials requirements will be assessed on a yearly basis. The aim for the Thunderbolts program is to include as many players as possible, within the constraints of venue and coach capacity/availability.

ASSOCIATION ELIGIBILITY: Players must be registered members. (or become registered members) of an Essendon District Netball Association ('EDNA') club, and participate in the 'Winter' Season (March - August) in the year they are participating in the program.


Players may register for the Thunderbolts Program before they have started playing at EDNA, if they have played netball elsewhere previously.

AGE ELIGIBILITY: Players becoming aged 11 or 12 years in the year of participation. I.e. to apply for the 2022 program, the player must be turning 11 or 12 in the 2022 calendar year.

Note - exceptions for age eligibility may be made on a case by case basis with younger or older players being accepted at the discretion of Essendon Thunder.