EDNA Winter Season 2022 - What you need to know

We at Essendon District Netball Association ("EDNA") and our member Clubs are delighted and excited to return to full competition play in 2022!


This year will be one of change ...     


  • Our primary competition venue in now at Riverside Netball, Golf and Tennis Centre in Ascot Vale (after 30+ years at our Aberfeldie venue)

  • We’ve adopted and are fully supportive of Netball Victoria’s move to Netball Connect as its registration and competition management system

Change is never easy, let alone as we return to play after the unprecedented challenges of the past 2 years and still subject to Government directions.

We thank you, our community, for supporting our Club and Association leaders as we navigate our way back to play.  We look forward to seeing you back enjoying netball and community.

Here are the key things you’ll need to know when you come to play in 2022:

  • Coming to the Venue on Match Day.

  • Netball Connect

    • An exciting innovation from Netball Victoria is online scoring which we’ve adopted. 

    • Please get on board by clicking here to see the information to be part of this important match day change

  • Match Day Officials

    • EDNA match days are managed by a team of officials who you’ll see in various coloured Vests, armed with Walkie Talkies to ensure effective communication.

    • Our Match Day officials are both experienced and community minded, typically involved with our member clubs in other roles.

    • An average EDNA match day sees more than 2,500 people involved so please respect the role our match day officials play in ensuring that a safe, compliant and efficient match day experience can be enjoyed by all

  • First Aid

    • Should there be a significant injury to a match participant, we have a dedicated, qualified First Aid Officer onsite to attend with access to all key equipment to provide initial care and diagnosis for injury

    • EDNA asks that once the First Aid Officer is in attendance, they are given full access and opportunity to perform their role without interference or interruption

    • Should the First Aid Officer diagnose a serious injury/condition, an Ambulance may be called to attend which will be actioned and facilitated by the EDNA Match Day Supervisor

  • Toilets

    • Currently the toilet access at Riverside is via the Public Toilets located behind the Pavilion adjacent to Newsom St.